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Inner Energy

Updated: Feb 7

What if we just saw energies, not people? No race, no outer appearance, no gender, no preconceived biases, just energy....What then would the world look like to you? How would you be showing up? What then would we fear? I believe we fear the unknown...when you don't have the knowledge about a thing it's natural to have fear. What if we started to have a first response or thought of being curious instead? To just observe without judgement? Would we then be kinder to ourselves and each other?

This has been on my heart lately. Contemplating being in this world of constant judgement towards each other. It shows up in all forms and ways. From the way we look, treat each other, the way we eat, move, you name it it's there. It is something I have been working on to really see all the ways judgement shows up to me and in me. The judgements on myself are really bad which is why I see judgement in all the other areas I believe. We heal from within. Once I learn to fully accept and appreciate and love myself wholly for all the parts of me, then I will know what it's like to really just observe without judgment. Let's keep fighting for us. xoxo

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