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What does freedom feel like to you?

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

I've been pondering on this question lately. Does freedom feel like letting go of all that clutters our brains daily? The to do's, schedules, dramas of our lives. What would it feel like to wake up and instantly feel a fullness in our heart's? A fullness that puts a smile on our faces upon wakening and being so grateful for our lives that we want for nothing. This to me is freedom. Bliss.

Our lives can get so bogged down with our daily, let's just call it all, stuff. When we forget to get quiet with ourselves and really listen to our inner being we tend to get stuck in auto pilot. This is when we open ourselves up to allowing the stresses of life to set in. It only takes a few minutes in the morning to remind ourselves what we are grateful for, setting up the rest of our day. This little practice has worked miracles in my own life.

I use to think that if I could only just get away from it all. Go on a vacation, escape away by myself, or just not think about all the "stuff" then it wouldn't stress me out or I wouldn't feel like I had to conquer it all. That in and of itself set off feelings of inadequacies of not being good enough or equipped to handle it all. I mean let' face it, there's always "stuff". It's not going anywhere and when we accomplish one thing or deal with anything, there's going to be others. This is life.

A beautiful array of chaos just waiting for us to explore. This can be exciting with the right mindset and outlook on it.

So, I say to you, in all moments if you are feeling a little stressed or out of sorts or just unmotivated to join this beautiful life today or any day for that matter. Take a deep breath, salute the sun, put a smile on your face, remind yourself what you are grateful for ( even if it's the ant crawling on the ground:)), and then move your favorite is putting on music and dancing with my dogs. xoxo

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