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"True" Acceptance

Updated: Feb 7

What does that mean to me? Being able to say and do what I want without anyone being offended or making it about them. Isn't it all just really a mirror being held up for us to show us the parts in us that need to be healed from a place of fear to a place of love? Feel that. Where do you feel it in your body? For me I feel it in my throat, gut, shoulders, eyes and neck. Each one of those body parts holds a significance to them, all screaming out for love and acceptance.

Throat - I do have a voice and it matters. I am important.

Gut - Trust my intuition. That feeling and little voice inside of us knows what's best for us if we just get still enough to really hear it.

Shoulders - Trying to be responsible for holding up the world and everyone else is not what brings me peace. It is actually coming from a place of fear and ego.

Eyes - My vision is blurry I believe because I don't seem to trust my gut (intuition). Believing is seeing, not the other way around.

Neck - Feeling responsible again for the tension and temperature of a room is not mine to bare. Let others hold their own responsibility and empower them by giving it back to them. Let it Go!

By choosing Love every time doesn't mean that it's easy. It just means that we accept each other exactly the way we are (especially us). Let the Universe/God take care of the rest.

I'm writing this whilst having a little argument with my husband. (Jesus take the wheel)

Everyday is a blessing and an opportunity to make choices that we feel are what works for us and those that we love. Like I said it isn't easy. We will still get triggered. Stop, take a moment to be still. Choose being free over being right. Choose happy. Choose love. Just Breathe! xoxo

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